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Sugarwaxed Pte. Ltd. and Alexandria Professional LLC Announce Partnership to Transform Southeast Asia's Body Sugaring Industry

SINGAPORE – Sugarwaxed Pte. Ltd., a trailblazer in the beauty industry, has partnered with Alexandria Professional LLC, the leading brand specialising in professional body sugaring. This collaboration aims to launch Professional Sugaring Academies and distribute premium products across Southeast Asia.

Professional body sugaring is a hair removal technique that uses a natural sugar paste to gently remove hair from the root, resulting in smooth skin. Unlike waxing, sugaring is less painful and less irritating to the skin, making it a preferred method for many.

The partnership focuses on establishing Alexandria Professional Academies to enhance beauty professionals' skills in the region. These academies will offer comprehensive training programs to set new standards in the sugaring industry.

"The academy's goal is to empower individuals in the beauty industry through specialised sugaring courses," said Lina Kennedy, President & CEO of Alexandria Professional LLC. "Our partnership with Sugarwaxed ensures top-tier education and training for aspiring professionals."

The academies will also offer basic courses through Nature’s Sugar by The House of Smooth, LLC, a company also owned by Lina Kennedy, for those seeking essential skills quickly. Graduates will receive globally recognised accreditation, positioning them as leaders in professional sugaring.

Singapore will host the headquarters of Alexandria Professional Academy, with additional academies in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia to ensure regional accessibility. This strategic move aims to quickly increase the number of skilled sugaring practitioners in Southeast Asia.

The partnership also includes the distribution of Alexandria Professional and Nature's Sugar support treatment and at-home care products through authorised dealers and retail outlets. This will provide both professionals and consumers with high-quality sugaring products, from sugaring hair removal pastes to skincare solutions.

Jack Toh, Founder & Director of Sugarwaxed Pte. Ltd. stated, "We are thrilled to partner with Alexandria Professional to revolutionise the beauty industry in Southeast Asia. Our goal is to provide aspiring professionals with international accreditations and empower them to excel in their careers."

Derrick Seeto, President of Pinklestar Group added, "This partnership aligns with our vision for a public listing within 3-5 years, creating substantial value for our parent company through our Professional Sugaring business division.

Lina Kennedy, Founder of Alexandria Professional LLC concluded, "Our collaboration with

Sugarwaxed will elevate the beauty experience in Southeast Asia, setting new standards of


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About Sugarwaxed

Sugarwaxed is Asia's first unisex hybrid sugaring studio, pioneering the combination of

sugaring and waxing techniques for optimal results. Established in April 2021, Sugarwaxed

offers two variations of professional body sugaring: Squeeze 'n Strip and Hand Sugaring.

Known for its bright, clean studios and skilled specialists, Sugarwaxed aims to expand across Southeast Asia, starting with Philippines and Indonesia. In January 2023, the sugaring studio was acquired by Pinklestar Pte. Ltd., the sister holding company of Parlour Group, whose portfolio across Southeast Asia includes Pink Parlour, Datsumo Labo, Sylvia’s Secret, JustWax, Spartan Tanning Asia, and Parlour Supply.

About Alexandria Professional LLC

Alexandria Professional LLC pioneered professional sugaring over 30 years ago and is

recognised as the global authority in this field. With distributors in over 25 countries, the

company has certified over 20,000 salons in their advanced sugaring technique. Alexandria

Professional transcends mere excellence in hair removal, extending its prowess to treat skin

conditions like eczema and psoriasis through its revolutionary Full Circle of Skin

Conditioning® Program. Alexandria Professional is also affiliated with the brand Nature's

Sugar through its owner, Lina Kennedy, providing a seamless connection between premium

and introductory sugaring products and training programs. The company remains dedicated to quality, innovation, and setting standards of excellence in professional sugaring treatments.

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