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We remove every unwanted strand of hair so all that’s left behind is glowing, smooth, beautiful skin.



These pre-sugar wax hacks will help you get ready for your service & ensure you get the best sugar wax possible.

Stop shaving/plucking 2 weeks prior to your sugar wax session. Longer hair (roughly the length of a rice grain) will allow our Nature’s Sugar Wax to get a better grip.

Gently exfoliate the area that will be Sugarwaxed the day before your reservation. This removes dead skin and allows for a closer sugar wax.

Skin can be more sensitive during your menstrual cycle, so consider booking in between your cycles.


Keep it loose and comfortable.

Fresh Sugarwaxed skin is always a bit more sensitive. Wearing loose, thin clothing won’t irritate your skin like restrictive or thick, stiff fabrics will.

Let your skin breathe! Natural fibers like cotton & silk promote airflow and won’t stick to your skin like synthetic fabrics.



Overwhelmed? We’ll walk you through how your first experience. Upon arrival, do fill up our client record form by scanning our QR code. If you have any question about your reservation, in-store promotions or products, our coordinator at the front desk will assist you.

Once you are ready, your Hair Removal Specialists (HRS) will lead you to your private sugar wax suite. Depending on your services chosen, you may need to partially disrobe.

Your HRS will first cleanse your skin with Nature’s Sugar Skin Cleanser to remove any makeup or lotion, next they will spray Nature’s Sugar SKIN TONIC (an anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial) to prep your follicles.

She will then sprinkle your skin with Nature’s Sugar SKIN POWDER (an aluminium-free powder to dry the skin). Followed by squeezing our Nature’s Sugar bottle onto your skin, she will then spreading the sugar before removing your hair using a cotton strip.

After removing your hair, your HRS will apply another generous dose of Nature’s Sugar SKIN TONIC. Using Nature’s Sugar SKIN MOISTURIZER (a water-based moisturizer that leaves no residue) will be the last step to hydrate your skin as well as to help soothe your skin.

Lastly, your HRS will explain our collection of products used and how they can extend your sugar wax results.


Our entire post care collection is designed to nurture, protect and soothe your just-Sugarwaxed skin.

Have questions about what product’s best for you? Ask your Hair Removal Specialist (HSR)—they’ll be happy to give you personalised recommendations!

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