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About us

Humble beginnings

Sugarwaxed was founded in 2021 and has since earned the trust of clients as their favourite sugaring destination in Singapore. 


We’re the first and only gender-neutral professional squeeze bottle sugaring studio in Asia. 

Our hair removal specialists are the best in the industry. They are trained, qualified and insured in the “art of professional body sugaring” and have developed a technique that is quick with minimum discomfort. 

At Sugarwaxed, we hand sugar the traditional, all the way in order to make sure no hair is left behind or broken, to help you achieve optimum results every time.


With flagship studios in both the culturally rich Jalan Besar neighborhood and the bustling Orchard Road at The Centrepoint, we offer convenience and quality service.  Our promise of silky smooth skin with finer regrowth - guaranteed!

For franchise enquiries please email:

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