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🌟 Discover the Ultimate Beauty Experience as an Influencer! 🌟

Pinklestar is the sister holding company of Parlour Group, the powerhouse behind some of the most beloved beauty brands in the world – Pink Parlour, Sugarwaxed, Justwax, Datsumo Labo, Spartan Tanning Asia, Sylvia’s Secret and SKIN+.

Are you ready to pamper yourself?

✨ Unmatched Expertise: With over a decade of excellence in the beauty industry, our brands have garnered a reputation for delivering top-notch services that leave customers glowing with satisfaction.

✨ Premium Products: We use only the finest, high-quality products that ensure you get the results you desire and deserve.

✨ Experts: Our team of skilled and passionate beauty professionals are committed to giving you treatments that are tailored to your unique needs.

✨ Stellar Reviews: Don’t just take our word for it! Our numerous 5-star reviews speak volumes about the incredible experiences we offer.

Are you a social media trendsetter with a passion for all things beauty? We’d love to welcome you to the family! As an influencer partner, you’ll be entitled to enjoy complimentary beauty services from any of our exceptional brands.

Whether you’re looking for silky-smooth, Sugarwaxed legs, flawlessly and smooth from Pink Parlour, or the latest hair removal technology from Datsumo Labo, we’ve got you covered! Experience our services firsthand and share your remarkable journey with your followers to inspire beauty enthusiasts worldwide.

⭐️ Calling all influencers, DM us for more information! ⭐️

WhatsApp: (65) 8922 1772


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